Welcome to the home of Alastair David Shaw. Here you’ll find my latest Blog Posts, Marketing Marvels & Updates?

Recent Marketing Marvels

I’ve chosen to start this series of posts with this specific advert as it focuses on an aspect of marketing that is often overlooked or unseen by the average consumer or student. READ MORE…

Recent Posts

  • Personalities in teams

    This blog post is the first in a series related to the research I will be carrying out for my final year dissertation. It introduces the core concept to my research, the value of the individual in teams.

  • Too much experience, potentially the most damaging thing to your career?

    An essential part of any job description nowadays is that daunting part of the form, “work experience”. It seems bizarre for every employer to ask for previous experience as how do you get that initial experience without having had previous experience…
  • Twitter… To open or to close… That is the question.

    Twitter breaks down the “friendship” boundaries of Facebook and just let’s you ‘follow’ anyone you want and build new relationships and networks. However, potential employers are no doubt typing my name in just to see what comes up, what about what they read?

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