First Attempt At Blogging

Right… I guess it’s time to actually write an article relevant to something other than me setting up a website… So what should be my first topic of interest? World Cup analysis? Social criticism? A story about my childhood? Reality TV?

Alas, no. My first real article on my brand new, shiny blog is going to be about… My university build up… “BORING!” I hear you shout but should you chose to read more, you may learn something you didn’t know, or you might not who cares!…

University was always a big thing for me, having been in the same school from year 7 up until I finished my International Baccalaureate (yes I spelt that without auto-correct!) I had began to feel claustrophobic (ok I used spell check on that one!) As much as I love home, my family and friends I am the type of person who needs an adventure and new challenges, I felt that I’d done all I could living in France (yes I live there by the way) and that it was time for a new adventure.

So why Lancaster? It’s not exactly known as the “new adventure capital of the UK”. To be honest, I don’t know… My predicted grades weren’t that promising, and my university advisor recommended choosing “safe” options that didn’t require a high score on my IB. I however, knew myself and knew I was capable; I knew I didn’t want to spend 3/4 years at a university that wouldn’t provide me with the best degree possible. Hence I visited a few and Lancaster attracted me the most. Simple really.

Coming to university wasn’t so much about getting a degree and having fun for me, it was about rediscovering myself and exploring who I really am and what I want to achieve in life. (I know this is getting soppy, I’ll throw in some articles about drunk nights out/shenanigans later!) My degree choice was always evident to me, I’m a business character at heart and can’t deny that. When it came to choosing my college, I opened the brochure, read “Lonsdale – Party College” and had made my decision, after all university is about having a blast!

So there I was, university = chosen ; course = chosen; college = chosen… and it hit me… what next? I’d spent so long planning and deciding what I wanted from my university experience that I’d come to the point where it was all prepared and all that was left was to go and experience it! SHIT! So the day came to leave home in France and embark on what seemed the longest drive ever. With a pit stop at my Gran’s outside Birmigham, I reached my destination of Lancaster a day before official move-in. Mum and I explored Lancaster for the day and did the necessities like opening a bank account and *trying* to open a phone line (don’t get me started on that!). With this complete all that was left was to grab a good meal and get a night’s rest. After a nervous cooked breakfast at the hotel, the following morning was the perfect start to my uni experience, welcomed with “honk for Lonsdale” and my mum driving the wrong way around the car park leading by screams and shouts from standers-by, I had arrived.

My first step was to get out the car and already someone had walked over, to this day I still don’t remember who you are but thank you for taking me up to the porter’s lodge and getting me my room key! From there I had a key that didn’t work so met my first flat mate (later known as Jack.) Who was nice enough to open the front door for me whenever I brought my stuff up!

The rest, as they say, is history. I’d like to have gone into more detail but revision obliges and I’m not even sure anyone will read this… SO thanks for reading this far and watch this space for more! 😀



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