Twitter… To open or to close… That is the question.

It is undeniable that Twitter is an online, networking phenomenon. It breaks down the “friendship” boundaries of Facebook and just let’s you ‘follow’ anyone you want and build new relationships and networks.

This is the reason I love Twitter (as well as it’s another reason for me to play on my iPad!), the ability to simply tell people about my day and let them interact with it as they please. However, since joining the phenomena, I have doubts about it’s openness and availability to anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the underlying believes of Facebook and Google of openness to expand one’s social network. We can’t preach we’re willing to share our lives through social networks but then build a wall around it to restrict certain people.

To get to the point of this post, should my Twitter account be open or should I set it to private? I’d never considered the option of private for the reasons I’ve mentioned above, but now I’m employed and I know my colleagues/employer is on Twitter and I can’t help but feel them breathing down my neck. Should I tweet this? Ok, my student job isn’t my life career and I don’t risk compromising much, but I like my job and I don’t want to lose it by slipping up on a tweet about a night out or choosing to watch TV all day instead of working. What about my current placement applications? Potential employers are no doubt typing my name in just to see what comes up, what about what they read? Also, the vast amount of “followers” I gain only a daily basis who have either never tweeted or only ever tweet “win your free iPad now” or, more often than not, “horny girls waiting for you here”, just makes me wonder, who’s actually behind this account? A desperate marketer or a disgusting sex addict?

So I leave the debate open to you now… Twitter, to open or not to open? My heart tells me keep it open to keep building your network, but my rational mind tells me protect your employability and privacy…


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One response to “Twitter… To open or to close… That is the question.”

  1. Catherine says :

    Interesting one – just something to add to the mix, company like ours would be impressed by you tweeting -actually we’d be disappointed if you weren’t – but just chose carefully what you tweet. We have interviewed someone who had open twitter and Facebook and inappropriate ramblings on there gave us an insight into him that we didn’t like. Only tweet what you’d tell people, so no problems with e.g great night out with the guys last night @whichever bar in Lancaster, obviously guys of your age should be doing that, its just enough personality – just leave out the bit about shots of Sambuca in the eye!!

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