HP – Let’s Do Amazing

HP – Let’s do amazing campaign – internal launch

I’ve chosen to start this series of posts with this specific advert for 2 reasons. First, I have recently been successful in being offered a placement year opportunity at HP in their Software division, hence this cropped up during my research. Secondly, and most importantly, it focuses on an aspect of marketing that is often overlooked or unseen by the average consumer.

This video is part of a relaunch campaign which saw HP rebrand in both consumer electronics and business enterprise solutions. Combined with their new tag line “Let’s Do Amazing”, the series of videos portrays famous comedian Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords), who knows nothing about computers, interacting with HP clients such as famous music producer Dr. Dre and The Head of IT at the Venetian. His interactions highlight how HP helps these clients “do amazing”, whilst encouraging you to believe in doing amazing and how HP can help you.

The above video is a key part of this campaign as it is an internal launch video that is part of HP internal communications. It is a brilliant example of how internal communications need to be as engaging for staff as external marketing is to consumers. Although this video will have undoubtedly been supported by endless briefs and portfolios sent to staff, an engaging and fun video that will have cost HP an extra 5 minutes of Rhys’ time and a camera (oh and a ghostbuster!) is worthwhile in terms of not only generating employee motivation towards the relaunch but also showing the workforce that they are just as important to managers as the customer.

The relaunch, and marketing campaign that accompanied it, will have most likely been a large scale project and investment for HP, involving several senior staff. This video is highlighting that HP values their workforce, using strong vocabulary describing them as “do-ers” and their ability to “unlock human potential” placing an importance on their contribution to the business operations and success. Although staff are aware of their focus on customer satisfaction they will appreciate this incentive which is geared towards satisfying their need for acknowledgement and reward.

This video is also an excellent method of instilling motivation in the workforce, contrary to the rest of the series of videos which depict how HP is going to revolutionise companies through taking a corporate tagline and endless “management talk”; this video demonstrates how the staff are the driving force behind the success and they are the key to an overall positive outcome.

To summarise, I admire this Marketing Marvel as it puts the spotlight on the importance of internal communication when launching new business initiatives or marketing efforts. Internal communication is just as important as general marketing in that, it strengthens workforce understanding of goals and targets, it rewards their hard work and finally, it is a key source of motivation to drive forward the entire organisation. Either that, or this was just another piece of marketing and labelled as internal to provoke thinking like this… Either way, it worked!


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